Message from Management

T&K TOKA contributes
to solving issues for customers and society
with Technology & Kindness

T&K TOKA CO., LTD. was established in 1947 in Itabashi, Tokyo, as Toka Shikiso Chemical Laboratory, a manufacturer and seller of printing ink. Although major ink manufacturers already existed, we grew by helping the printing companies that were our customers solve issues using our technological capabilities and flexibility. The company name was changed to T&K TOKA CO., LTD. in 1991, representing our management principle of T&K "Technology & Kindness", which clearly expresses the essence of our identity since our founding as well as our goal of using advanced technology and sincere service to provide products that contribute to solving issues for our customers and society.

This mindset also leads to the development of industry-leading, environmentally friendly products. In 1977, we developed "UV ink", which hardens and dries instantaneously by ultraviolet radiation, and more recently we have released "energy saving UV ink" for LED drying systems, setting us apart from other manufacturers with the largest share of the Japanese market for UV ink. We have also contributed to solving issues for customers and society with "Rice Ink", a biomass ink using rice bran as an ingredient, the powder-free ink "KIRÉINA", which solves the long-standing problem of powder in printing shops, and "water-based flexo ink", which enhances safety in food packaging. Applying our ink manufacturing technologies, in 2019 we developed "Tenacis", the world's first, carbon fiber dispersed liquid resin, and we are now expanding our partnerships with such companies as automotive component manufacturers that face the challenge of reducing the weight of parts. Our growth is driven by technological development that anticipates needs as times change, and going forward we will focus on quick-drying, biomass ink "UV Rice Ink", as well as on "UV inkjet ink" and "water-based inkjet ink", both of which are environmentally friendly and lead to increased workplace productivity.

Our mindset is also tied to reducing the environmental burden of our business activities and of our products over their entire life cycle. Based on our Environmental Policy formulated in 2001, we are working to make effective use of energy and resources and reduce environmentally harmful substances. Going forward, we will align these activities and our future direction with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and along with formulating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and targets, we will step up our efforts to achieve a sustainable society, working with all stakeholders including customers, vendors, employees, and local communities.