Compliance Framework

T&K TOKA has established a Compliance Committee headed by the officer in charge of compliance, based on the "Basic Compliance Regulations". In addition, we hold committee meetings three times per year, to build and review a compliance framework that responds to social changes. We conduct training regularly, in order to raise awareness of compliance among our officers and employees, and strive to improve the effectiveness of compliance by establishing consultation and whistleblowing desks inside and outside of the Company, based on the "Internal Reporting Regulations".
In fiscal year 2019, there were no cases involving serious compliance violations.

Fiscal year 2016* Fiscal year 2017 Fiscal year 2018 Fiscal year 2019
Number of reports 2 cases 0 cases 1 case 3 cases
  • *The internal reporting system has been in operation since October 2016.


Regarding the prevention of bribery, the "TOKA GROUP Charter of Corporate Behavior" prohibits entertaining and gift-giving to public officials for the purpose of earning illegal profits. In addition, we thoroughly disseminate the prohibition of such conduct through training as well as visits to our business sites in Japan and overseas.