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Environmental Policy Of T&K TOKA Saitama Office

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Environmental Policy

T&K, "Technology & Kindness", being our founding business principle, we have always strived, by deploying the front running technology and putting our heart into the services, to offer products that satisfy our customers in the fields of ink, and synthetic resin. As an implementation of this T&K spirit Saitama Office gives a great consideration to environmental protection and has laid out following basic policies towards that end.

  1. 1.Conserve the resources and energy through efficient use.
  2. 2.Promote recycling and the reduction of waste.
  3. 3.Control the material that takes a toll on the environment. Reduce the burden on the environment and develop products that are environmentally friendly through the whole product life cycle.
  4. 4.Implement Green purchase (give priority to environmentally friendly products and producers).
  5. 5.Work Continuously to improve environment and to prevent pollution.
  6. 6.Not only observe the environmental related laws, regulations and conventions, but also enact self-governing standards and promote environmental protection activities.
  7. 7.All employees shall take active part in environmental protection.

Representative Director Yoshikatsu Masuda
Enacted: September 3, 2001
Revised: April 1, 2011