Water Resources

Effective Use of Water Resources and Prevention of Pollution

Both the Saitama Headquarters and Shiga Factory use water resources effectively, with tap water used for employees' drinking water and so forth, and underground water used in some of the manufacturing processes. Both facilities are located in areas with abundant underground water, and although ink manufacturing does not require as much water as general manufacturers, we strive to use underground water efficiently, including cyclical use, and also take regular measurements when releasing water into rivers or the sewer system.
In addition, to prevent pollution at Saitama Headquarters that is our main manufacturing facility, water discharged from production processes is purified, and equipment has also been installed to detect oil film in rain drainage paths. When abnormalities are detected, the system is in place to transfer the water to the wastewater treatment tank for treatment and then discharge it to the sewer system.

Water resources used (m3)