Green Purchasing, Logistics

Green Purchasing

Green Purchasing

As a manufacturer that uses more than 1,500 types of chemical substances, we examine environmentally harmful substances in all of the raw materials we purchase, and switch to substances that have less environmental impact, to provide products that are safe and have a minimal environmental impact. We purchase eco-friendly products for our office supplies as well, including products that are designated as conforming to the Act on Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities or that have received the Eco Mark, and give priority to purchasing from eco-friendly companies.


Environmental Burden of Logistics

With the exception of large-lot products, we consign product delivery to outside logistics companies. The Act on the Rational Use of Energy requires that companies transporting more than 30 million ton-kilometers annually submit transport volume notifications, but our transport volume only comes to 12 million ton-kilometers annually. We aim to implement more efficient delivery to our customers through the implementation of modal shifts and regular training sessions with outside logistics companies to enhance the quality of logistics.