Risk Management

At T&K TOKA, we have established priority topics regarding business continuity risks, and are assessing the impact of these risks' occurrence and creating recovery manuals. In fiscal year 2019, we formulated scenarios for the continued supply of UV inks, which are our main products, and going forward, upon assuming that a disaster has occurred at the Saitama Headquarters, we plan to simulate a restoration of production lines, confirm the safety of our employees, and test the operation of our private power generator, in order to construct a system that is capable of maintaining the supply of the products, even in the event of a disaster.

Risk Management Framework

We have established a Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by a director and comprises the heads of each department. The Risk Management Committee meets monthly and reports to the Board of Directors once every six months.

Responding to Large-Scale Disasters (BCP)

Together with conducting a hazard maps survey for earthquakes and flood damage, we have thus far completed seismic retrofitting of buildings at all our sites. In addition, all sites store a three-day supply of water, food, portable toilets, blankets, and other items for those employees who are expected to have difficulty returning home in the event of an earthquake or other disaster. Moreover, at the Saitama Headquarters, we have introduced an emergency power supply to allow continuous production and research.

Information Security

We position quality manuals, operation process chart, standard color samples, contracts with customers, and so forth, as important documents. The Information Security Committee, which is centered on members from the IT Management Department, collects the latest information on cyberterrorism and so on, considers measures, and requests decisions on important issues to be made at management meetings. Moreover, in addition to information security education by e-learning targeting all employees, we equip our computers and mobile phones with a function that allows the remote deletion of data in case the computers or phones are lost.
→Basic Policy on Information Security

Handling of Personal Information

As the Company is a B-to-B company, we have few opportunities to obtain personal information. However, as opportunities do arise to gather personal information, such as through recruitment activities, we have established internal regulations regarding personal information. In addition, our personal information database is not accessible to anyone other than authorized personnel, such as the General Affairs Department.

Handling of Intellectual Property

We consider intellectual property as one of our management resources. Therefore, we are promoting clearance activities so as to not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of other companies. At the same time, we are proceeding with the filing of applications, acquisition of rights, and management of confidentiality for inventions that are obtained as a result of our research and development. If by any chance our intellectual property rights are found to have been infringed, we will take legal action.

Efforts to Eliminate Antisocial Forces

Based on the "TOKA GROUP Charter of Corporate Behavior", our basic policy is to never have any relationship with antisocial forces or groups, and to take resolute action when pressured by such forces or groups.
The General Affairs Department is responsible for responding to antisocial forces, and so forth, and works with related administrative agencies to collect information on such forces. In addition, it conducts in-house awareness-raising activities aimed at the elimination of antisocial forces.
When concluding contracts with business partners and subcontractors in Japan, we ask them to sign a pledge affirming that they are not antisocial forces, and conduct investigations regarding the occurrence of related incidents, and so forth, every year.