Inkjet ink

What is inkjet?

Inkjet printing is one of the digital non-contact printing that can be used to print small-lot, on a variety of base materials, and with variable information. In particular, UV inkjet printing excels in printing on non-absorbing materials and fast curing property, and its use is expanding in the industrial printing field.
Unlike offset printing and flexographic printing which require printing plates, inkjet printing, which does not require the plate, expands the possibilities of printed materials by discharging ink and printing on substrates. It also contributes to simplifying the printing process by eliminating the plate making process.

Simplifying printing process by inkjet printing

Process of inkjet printing


2Data editing

There is no plate making process,
so the process can be simplified!


4Printed matter

Process of offset printing


2Data editing

3Plate making


5Printed matter

Inkjet applications

  • Signage and display
    (small-lot, high productivity and various base materials, for indoor and outdoor advertising signboard, etc.)
  • Package, label and transaction printing
    (variable information and high quality images such as barcodes, address labels, product labels, etc.)
  • Building materials and wallpaper
    (small-lot, custom-made products such as flooring materials, wallpaper, etc.)
  • Commercial printing and cardboard
    (wide variety of small lots such as catalogs, cardboard, etc.)
  • Textile
    (wide variety of small lots and high quality images)
  • Others
    (flexible packaging, decorative printing for automobiles, electronic components, etc.)

T&K TOKA's approaches

Focusing on the development of UV inkjet inks by making full use of the UV curing and dispersion technologies cultivated for UV curable inks in conventional printing methods!
Especially we have developed a single-pass UV inkjet ink for labels, based on our achievement as No. 1 share of the label industry!
We are going to focus on the development of EB inkjet inks to achieve the printed materials of ultra-low odor and ultra-low migration in the future.

Product lineup

  • UV curable inkjet inks
  • Water-based inkjet inks

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