EB Curable Inks

What is EB Curable Ink?

A printing system that adheres ink to a base material by irradiating it with Electron Beam (EB).
Its features include: (1) no need for photoinitiators, (2) possible to cure coated ink film instantly, (3) less heat generation, and so on.

Features of EB Ink

  • Ultra-low odor can be made possible due to the absence of photoinitiator.
  • No migration of photoinitiator-derived materials, which improves the safety level of printed materials.
  • Less heat is generated in the curing process, and the effect of heat on the base material can be suppressed.
  • Due to the high permeability of EB, immediate drying is possible even when the film thickness is large or when printing with high pigment concentration inks.
  • No solvents are used, so the working environment can be improved.
  • The high resistance of the cured film allows it to be used for surface printing.

Comparison with other inks

EB Printing UV Printing
Type of Radiation Particle beam (Electron) Electromagnetic waves (Wavelength)
Strength Accelerating voltage (V) Illuminance (W/cm2)
Unit of Radiation Dosage kGy J/m2
Odor Good Average
Pot Life Good Average
Atmosphere In nitrogen Mostly in the air
Paper Surface Temperature Room temperature + several degrees Celsius 40 - 80 degrees Celsius
Depth of Penetration Depends on the density of the substance Depends on light transmittance

Expected Application and Development of EB Ink

  • Construction material applications
    Film strength/safety (sick house syndrome, etc.)
  • Food packaging applications
    Film resistance (rub resistance) / Safety (low odor, low migration)
  • Pharmaceutical applications
    Film resistance (chemical resistance) / Safety (low odor, low migration)

T&K TOKA's Approaches

EB curable inks that combine high film resistance and safety. It is expected to be used in many applications as a new printing system in the future. We at TOKA will focus on the development of EB inks suitable for various printing base materials and printing methods, making full use of the pigment dispersion and printability technologies we have cultivated for UV (ultraviolet light curable) inks.

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